10 Home Security Tips to Store Gold Safely

Here are 10 basic tips to protect your home from burglary and store your precious metals safely :

  1. Lock your doors and windows. They are the usual ways to gain access into a home so make it difficult.
  2. Reinforce doors by installing deadbolt locks.
  3. Place “security plants” (Hawthorne, Pyracantha, Roses…) underneath exterior windows.
  4. No ladders or tools stored outdoors.
  5. Motion detection activated outdoor lights.
  6. Typical security system with offsite monitoring.
  7. Cameras that call your phone if motion is detected while you are away.
  8. Dog who barks at intruders.
  9. Buy your safe with cash and learn how to install it yourself. The fewer people know you are buying gold and storing it on your property, the better.
  10. Share the knowledge of your gold only with a trusted friend or family member.
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