Store Gold in Switzerland

Switzerland is the best nation to hold your assets, simply because protecting foreign assets is not only an integral part of their economy, but also because they have a proven track record of over 300 years. The country’s domestic politics are characterized by stable, non-intrusive coalition governments. Such habitual civility, together with Switzerland’s long tradition of respect for indi-vidual privacy, has kept this small, largely alpine country atop the list of the world’s most trusted safe havens.

The Swiss probably feel more strongly about gold than any other Western nation and is therefore unlikely to confiscate gold or tax it punitively. It must also be remembered that Switzerland refines 70% of all gold in the world which makes it an important industry for the country.

The country has excellent infrastructure. Precious metals are protected by the strictest security measures and by insurance contracts.

Last but not least, Switzerland has a good geographical situation which offers investors easy access when visiting.

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