Storing Gold at Home

Safes are the most popular way to store precious metals at home. They are not only difficult to steal because of their weight, but they will also work to ensure that your gold is able to sustain most all forms of natural damage. A safe is going to most effectively serve its purpose when it is planted in the ground. This would mean screwing the safe itself into your floor, wall, etc.

A lot of gold owners have a secret spot that they keep their precious metals. These storage options include anything from behind a wall to buried in the yard. Find a place, on property you own, that you’ll always remember but that isn’t obvious if someone learns you’ve buried something valuable.

When it comes to home storage, an important factor to consider is your safety, peace of mind, and comfort. You should never hold more gold bullion at home than you feel comfortable sleeping near.

The Danger of Investors Storing Gold Bullion on Their Own

Storing your gold at home is free, but it is not very safe. Gold stored at home is susceptible to theft, either directly from the house or in the process of being transported in and out of there. Always limit the number of individuals who have knowledge of your investment.

If you lose it, it’s gone. It’s not like your stock certificate where you can pay a fee and have it replaced. If you lose your gold bar, it’s gone. You can insure them under certain circumstances.

Another problem with storing gold at home is the illiquidity factor: Once gold moves outside their integrity is uncertain, as they may have been tampered with. Such gold immediately loses some of its value because, for it to be bought be a professional gold dealer, it would need to re-assayed or even melted down into a new bar.

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