Safest Solution to Store Gold

Several internet gold brokers do propose storage solutions to their clients, but they aren’t all valid.

We have compared the different solutions according to the wealth preservation principles :

– Gold must be stored outside the banking system
– Gold must be directly owned by the account holder
– Investors must have physical access to their gold
– Storage must be in a politically stable country
– Eliminate counterparty risk
– Do not compromise on personal privacy and security

Amongst all available options,’s solution is optimal. Why ? has put together a storage solution outside the banking system, in secured vaults in Zurich, Switzerland, and also in Singapore. allows investors to own and store 100% allocated gold and silver bars, directly and in their own names, starting with a minimum order as low as 5 oz of gold.

  • With, the transportation and storage of values are insured by a company fully independent from the international banking system and specialised in the secure storage of precious metals in Switzerland. Thus your gold always stays within the recognized venues and retains its market integrity and its resale value.
  • There is no intermediary between you and your investment. Should go bankrupt, your assets would be protected, since that at no time do they figure in the company’s or in its storage partner’s balance sheet(s).
  • The storage certificate is issued in the name of each client, which proves there is no intermediary between the clients and their physical gold or silver. In this respect, the service is different from other mutualised gold offerings.
  • Your gold is fully protected by the most stringent security measures and by an insurance contract.
  • You have access to your gold at any time, whether to inspect it or to retrieve it. Notably, does not charge any exit fee.
  • Storage fees are comprised in the annual management fees charged by Annual management fees correspond to 1.75% or 2% of you holdings, depending of the amount invested.
  • Keeping one’s gold outside the banking system allows one not to be exposed to the risk of bankruptcy of your bank and confiscation of your assets.
  • Switzerland is a stable country, both politically and economically, but is also one of the most important protectors of foreigners’ property rights in the world.

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