Storing Gold in a Private Vault

Storing gold using a private firm, known as a depository, has become increasingly popular. Private vaults carry the least amount of risk and are the most secure method of gold and silver storage.

Gold is stored for you in a secure, specialized bullion vault and insured. These vaults are located in Zurich, Singapore and Hong Kong, outside the banking system.

So in addition to benefiting from secure, specialized bullion vaults that are insured, you obtain good geographic and political diversification for your gold. Storing gold overseas is a smart strategy for anyone interested in international diversification, especially if you’re concerned about the potential for gold confiscation. Storage companies have an exten- sive network of partners and representatives that can handle the forwarding of your shipment to just about anywhere in the world.

Those professionals that manage such facilities have years of expertise and resources to protect your assets while you sleep easily at night. Select only those third-party firms that have comprehensive insurance and armored security vehicles and personnel to minimize your risk.

The security measures implemented by the vaults are very rigorous. All of the major vault operators work to a high standard, which explains why you never hear about robberies of vaults. Thefts occur when valuable assets are not stored in a secure vault.

Also, you have exceptional liquidity because you can sell your metal quickly and have the proceeds wired the same day to your bank account anywhere in the world.

Another important advantage is the independent third-party verification provided through regular audits by auditing firms that confirms the weight of metal being stored in the vaults equals the quantity of metal owned by investors.

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