The safest way to store your gold bullion

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Guide to Safely Store Your Gold

Buying gold as an investment can be an effective way to safeguard your wealth in times of financial uncertainty. But with owning physical precious metal comes the issue of how to safely and securely store it.

There are two ways: Buy gold and store it yourself, or buy it and have someone store it for you. Storage is an essential part of the process when you own physical metal. The result of a bad choice carries the risk of losing your investment, which is difficult to accept when the chosen asset was meant to be a safe haven.

That’s why you need to place your investment in storage for security, protection, and for your peace of mind.

The Golden Rules of Precious Metals Storage

  • Gold must be stored outside the banking system, in a politically safe and economically sound country.
  • Make certain invested bullion is owned outright and unencumbered. Stored precious metals should never be held on any company’s books.
  • Gold bullion are rare assets which investors can own outright with extremely limited counterparty risks. Since physical bullion can never become worthless, outstanding investor risks are theft, seizure, and or trustee fraud.
  • Investors must have physical access to their precious metals. Ensure that you can arrange to visit and view your physical gold coins and bars.
  • Storage facilities must have independent vault reports and audits.
  • Ensure that your storage company has adequate insurance cover.
  • One fundamental rule of investing that hasn’t changed is diversification, and the principle applies to the locations you choose for storing gold bullion. Physical gold should preferably be stored outside your country of residence.

Your options

Where and How Should Gold Investors Store the Precious Metal ?

We outline the most popular ways to store gold: Keep it at home, use a bank’s safe deposit box or store it in a private vault outside the banking system.

Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. It’s a question of which ones to choose in order to balance the primary concern of safeguarding your gold from theft with the secondary concern of ensuring at least some of your metal is readily accessible at all times.

Most investors pay someone else to store their gold for them through allocated gold accounts, in a private vault outside the banking system. Through online bullion dealers you can now choose to privately buy and hold physical gold bullion in one of the world’s most state of the art vaulting facilities: Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubaï. has investigated these locations in-depth to find the safest, most cost effective, and secure gold vault storage solution in the precious metals industry.

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